Draw a Smile on Someone's Face

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

We at PencilPixKids know that art is important and want to help your child build their confidence in their ability to draw!

We also know that our little artists are great creators and you may find yourself with more artwork than you know what to do with - what can you do with all of these pictures?

COVID-19 has created unique opportunities for your child to bring a smile to someone's face. Here are just three suggestions on how to use your child's drawings as an opportunity to teach empathy and kindness.

1. For the elderly

COVID-19 has hit the elderly the hardest and many are feeling the effects of isolation. Why not send one of your child's pictures to an elderly relative with a note that they are in your thoughts? Don't limit yourself to just your relatives though - why not send some to your local nursing home? I'm sure the residents would love it!

2. Medical Staff

Our hats go off to the various medical staff that have worked tirelessly during COVID-19. From doctors and nurses to the support staff, we know that this has been an especially tough year to work in the medical field.

Why not encourage your children to bring their pictures to their next doctor's appointment and share them with the staff? You can also mail them to your local hospital as a way to show support.

3. Other Front-Line Workers

Of course, we know that medical staff have not been the only people working during COVID-19. From our local pharmacists to the staff at your favourite grocery store to postal workers (and many, MANY more), there have been so many people that have continued to work in this stressful situation.

Share your child's latest creations with any of the amazing frontline workers that you meet when you go out and share your appreciation!

How do you share your PencilPix creations? Let us know in the comments below!

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